(available until 11:30 a.m)

Avocado Toast w/ Eggs |
organic eggs your way, avocado, hemp seeds, black pepper, micro greens, onion, cilantro, with house gluten free sauce

Avocado Toast (Vegan) |
lemon zest, sesame seeds, lemon juice, black pepper and sea salt

Sweet Potato Pancake |

sweet potato pancake with choice of either topping

Topping 1 : blueberry, strawberry, maple syrup, cinnamon

Topping 2 : almond butter, almond slices, banana, honey

Breakfast Wrap |

avocado, spinach, onions, cilantro, organic eggs, house gluten free sauce

French Toast |

multi grain french toast with choice of either topping

Topping 1 : strawberry, blueberry, cinnamon, maple syrup

Topping 2 : banana, almond butter, almond slices, honey


Hummus Veggie | (wrap/salad)

hummus, romaine lettuce, tomato, avocado, red onion, red cabbage, carrot, cucumber, cherry tomato dressing

Mango Salsa Chicken | 🌶 (wrap/salad) 

organic chicken, almond slices, mango salsa, spring mix, chipotle lime dressing

Tuna Protein | 🌶 (wrap/salad)

tuna, tomato, red onion, celery, cucumber, white bean, spring mix, chipotle lime dressing

Avocado Quinoa | (wrap/salad)

quinoa, avocado, carrots, red onions, cucumber, tomato, spring mix, cherry tomato dressing

Vegan Burger |

homemade patty(chickpea, quinoa, black bean, sunflower seed), grilled portobello, lettuce, red onion, spicy mayo

Raw Veggie Pad Thai | 🌶 

spiralized zucchini, red cabbage, red bell pepper, broccoli sprout, kelp noodle, basil, cilantro, avocado, carrot, crushed peanut, homemade gluten free pad Thai sauce

Vegan Burger Wrap |  

vegan burger patter, white beans, lettuce, broccoli sprouts, cherry tomato dressing

Power Nuts Bowl |

quinoa, black bean, white bean, grill portobello, avocado, sauteed(onion, zucchini, red bell pepper), raw cashews, raw walnuts, Topped, with teriyaki & homemade cashew cheese sauce

Soba Noodle Bowl |

organic soba noodle, sun dried tomato, red cabbage, cherry tomato, cilantro, raw walnut, avocado, pepper flakes, tossed with homemade teriyaki sauce and fresh squeezed of lemon

Quinoa Curry Bowl |

quinoa curry, black bean, sweet potato, sauté zucchini onion and red bell peppers, avocado, crushed peanuts, cilantro

Nori Raw Veggie Roll |

kale, mango, red bell pepper, broccoli sprout, avocado, carrot, cucumber, red apple, cashew ginger paste, topped with teriyaki & crunchy almonds

Chicken Tacos (3) |

organic chicken, mango salsa, red cabbage, guacamole, chipotle lime sauce, cilantro, soft spinach tortilla

Summer Power Wraps (2) |

gluten free brown rice paper, quinoa, white bean, avocado, hummus, sauté spinach, romaine lettuce, cashew cheese sauce